‘Bloody-mindedness!’ Malone erupts as Spain demands Brits prove they can pay for stay

Carole Malone erupts at Spain's new travel policy

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Spanish border agents could ask British tourists to prove they can spend £85 a day per person during their holidays in order to enter the country. TV presenter Carole Malone reacted to the travel rule being implemented by the Spanish government and claimed “this to me is just bloody-mindedness”. UK travellers must also provide proof of accommodation and evidence of a return flight or onward ticket. 

Ms Malone said: “If you want to go to Spain you have to prove that you’ve got £85 a day per person to spend when you go on holiday.

“Some security will actually ask you to count your money out.

“This to me is just bloody-mindedness from Spain!

“That’s ridiculous because a lot of people don’t have money when they go on holiday.

“I don’t have money when I go on holiday.

“I have a Revolut card or something.”

In addition to requesting to prove that they can pay for their stay, Spain is now asking British tourists to also provide proof of accommodation and evidence of a return flight or onward ticket.

British tourists could also be asked to provide proof that they have a minimum of €900 (£766.94) available.

Being outside the European Union, the UK has now fallen under the “third country” category, resulting in more checks from the Spanish border agents.

Several people reacted in fury to the toughened travel policies on social media, arguing that the UK significantly contributes to the Spanish tourism sector.

One user wrote: “Let’s see where they are going to get their tourism from now of people chose other countries…good luck Spain!”.

Another user commented: “Pretty obvious what the Spanish are trying to do, restrict people coming for a holiday who don’t have a lot of money. 

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“If people are on an all-inclusive holiday they are not spending money in the local area, so not helping the local economy”.

In light of the new travel requirement, the UK Foreign Office warned UK travellers: “At Spanish border control, you may need to show a return or onward ticket; show you have enough money for your stay.

“Show proof of accommodation for your stay, for example, a hotel booking confirmation, proof of address if visiting your own property (eg second home), or an invitation from your host or proof of their address if staying with a third party, friends or family”.

The Spanish Ministry del Interior also confirmed: “Foreigners from third countries must prove if required to do so by the officials in charge of controlling the entry of people into Spanish territory, that they have economic resources for entering the country, through cash, travellers’ cheques, payment letters, or credit cards, which must also be proven to have sufficient funds available on them.”

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