Billy makes a huge decision which changes everything with Dawn in Emmerdale

Billy (Jay Kontzle) really steps up to support his wife Dawn (Olivia Bromley) in upcoming Emmerdale episodes as he does everything he can to help her get custody of her friend Beth’s daughter Clemmie (Mabel Addison).

Dawn recently found Clemmie sleeping in a dog bed at the home of drug users, dishevelled and scared after her mum died. Worried that Clemmie was at risk where she was, Dawn took her back to the village. Billy tried to persuade her to involve social services, but the decision was taken out of their hands when Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton) alerted the authorities and Clemmie was taken into their care.

Dawn struggles with losing Clemmie in episodes to be aired soon, and gets a further shock when she discovers that Clemmie’s dad is Alex (Liam Boyle) – also the father of her son Lucas (Noah Ryan Aspinall). The fact that Lucas and Clemmie are the same age means that Alex and Clemmie’s mum Beth – Dawn’s best friend – were together behind her back.

It also means that Lucas and Clemmie are half-siblings and Dawn gets tearful thinking that they should be together.

So Billy makes a decision. He calls social services and says he and Dawn want to have custody of Clemmie. Dawn is hugely grateful for his support but the couple aren’t hopeful when they’re told Alex will have to agree.

Billy insists that it’s at least worth a try and they go to the prison to talk to him. Alex is at first reluctant to agree, but Billy makes a good case for them fostering Clemmie and he seems to relent.

Dawn is relieved, but she knows Alex can’t be trusted to keep his word and worries about whether he’s going to try anything to block them having custody of the little girl.

Is Clemmie going to be joining Billy and Dawn’s family? Or does Alex have other ideas?

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