Big Brother fans predict tension as two housemates are spotted kissing in bed

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    Big Brother’s love triangle cranks up a gear tonight (24 October) when Henry and Jordan kiss.

    Jordan has been flirting with Matty in recent days. But in the latest instalment of the fly on the wall show, viewers will see him and Henry appear to lock lips.

    The moment was shown in a clip released ahead of the episode. Posted on the ITV show’s social media, it was captioned: “Sneak Peek Paul and Olivia confront their fallout head on, and the cameras see everything, even when the lights are out…”

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    The brief video showed Henry and Joran snuggled up in the bedroom in the dark, apparently saying goodnight to each other and enjoying a cuddle. One of them is then heard saying: “We can’t kiss on camera, sorry.”

    However, kissing sounds are then heard and the pair seem to share a couple of pecks. Henry then got up and started to move away, saying goodnight.

    Fans who have been gripped by Jordan and Matty’s flirtation were stunned, with one posting on X, formerly Twitter, that their “jaw dropped” over the clip. “DID THEY JUST KISS?” asked one fan.

    “Is that Jordan and Henry kissing between the sheets?” asked another, as someone else chimed in: “GUYS THAT'S HENRY AND JORDAN…” “Henry and Jordan kiss is that what I see?" asked another intrigued viewer.

    Others said that they would be unimpressed if Jordan had an ulterior motive for getting close to Henry. “I think Jordan is just playing both Matty and Henry,” mused one person on X.

    “I think this is all for attention and to stay in the house," they went on. "This love triangle is getting boring. Both Henry and Matty deserve better than Jordan.”

    Another suggested a backlash could be in store for him as they wrote: “If Jordan is just using Henry to make Matty jealous then I'll be at the studio to start a chant on the next eviction night, believe me.”

    Big Brother is on ITV2 at 9pm.

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