Beat The Chasers viewers in hysterics over Bradley Walsh’s X-rated bull sperm gag

BEAT The Chasers viewers were in hysterics tonight as Bradley Walsh made an X-rated gag about a jar of bull sperm.

The host was left wide-eyed as contestant Lianne, a former Transport for London worker, revealed the strange items that were left behind in the lost property office.

She said: “Absolutely everything turns up in lost property, let me tell you that.

“I once found a jar of bull sperm that someone had forgotten to take home with them.”

“Whoever it was who lost that, or needed that on the Tube I don’t know.”

It prompted Bradley to joke it was "easy to come by" prompting a chuckle among the Chasers.

Lianne smirked and continued: “There was also a coffin that I once found."

Sharing their surprise, one viewer wrote on Twitter: "Well, I wasn't expecting to hear the words 'bull sperm' heard on television this evening. #BeatTheChasers."

Another said: "Bulls sperm..easy to come by..classic."

A third posted: "Omg are you kidding me… bull sperm #BeatTheChasers."

While her tales entertained, Lianne failed to leave the show with any money.

She decided to take on three off the show's stars and was unable to outsmart them.


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