Arsema Thomas Never Watched ‘Bridgerton’ Before Auditioning for Spin-Off

The actress who takes on the role of young Agatha Danbury in ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ didn’t see the original TV series before she tried out for the part.

AceShowbizArsema Thomas never saw “Bridgerton” before she auditioned for “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story“. The 28-year-old actress stars as young Agatha Danbury in the new Netflix series, and Arsema admits she never saw how Adjoa Andoh approached playing her character in “Bridgerton”.

“I never watched [‘Bridgerton’ before auditioning], I came in just being what I thought this character should be. Somehow, by I don’t know what kind of cosmic aligning, it happened to be very similar to how Adjoa sees this character as well,” she told PEOPLE.

Arsema believes that she and Adjoa actually share a lot of the same values. The actress remembers being struck by their similarities during a Zoom call. She explained, “In the background in her video, she had books that I had on my bookshelf.”

“It was the autobiography of [civil rights activist] Assata Shakur. It was this amazing collection of revolutionary art out of the US during the ’70s by the Black Panthers. It was all these things that really were non-verbal indicators of just how aligned we are in our values.”

“The mannerisms were just there organically. I don’t know if it’s cultural because she’s Ghanian and I am Nigerian. Those parts of us come from our fathers, so that maybe manifests in a similar way. I don’t know but the mannerisms were something that we didn’t have to speak about at all.”

Meanwhile, Adjoa recently slammed the TV industry’s “ancient” attitude towards ageing. The 60-year-old actress also suggested that women are treated different to their male counterparts.

She told The Independent, “It’s taken a huge heave-ho from women, predominantly, to just go, ‘Actually, I’m not pushing out babies, but I may still have another 40 or 50 years of life left to go. I’m vibrant, interesting, sexual, have appetite, have experience, all that good stuff. Why would my stories not be interesting?’ “

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