Aquaman box office hits $260 million, outpacing Wonder Woman overseas

It’s gotta be the Pitbull song, right? Because Aquaman is making a huge splash in the box office overseas.

Despite not opening in the U.S. until Friday, Aquaman has already racked up more than $260 million in international ticket sales. The James Wan film has been the No. 1 movie internationally for two weeks.

The performance is led by China, where Aquaman has racked up $189 million, making it the country’s fourth highest-grossing superhero movie ever and second-highest-grossing Warner Bros. film of all time. The film is also open in 42 other international markets.

According to Warner Bros., in most markets, the film is outpacing the last DCU title, Justice League and tracking anywhere from 40 to 100 percent higher than the DCU’s best-reviewed title, Wonder Woman at this point in release (yet in Latin American markets, they’re about even).

Aquaman opens in the U.S. on Dec. 21, where it’s facing off against Mary Poppins Returns and Bumblebee at the box office.

So far, Rotten Tomatoes has Aquaman with the lowest — yet still very respectable — score of the three, with 70 percent fresh, followed by Mary Poppins Returns (77 percent) and Bumblebee (98 percent) as the rather unexpected critical favorite.

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