Antiques Roadshow guest wowed at diamond ring’s value as expert gives warning

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    An Antiques Roadshow guest couldn't believe her ears as an expert told her that a diamond ring that she'd found hidden in a sock was worth a fortune.

    Prior to their initial meeting, sensing a degree of hesitancy, Joanna Hardy questioned the guest and her daughter as they approached her.

    The expert said: "You weren't going to come to my table, were you?"

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    The guest confessed: "We weren't actually. We passed by you and realised there was no queue. So my daughter said, 'That's a jewellery place, shall we show her the ring? I said, 'Why not."

    She followed this by explaining how the item came into her possession: "The ring was my mum's. Well, we were pretty sure it was given to her by my great-grandfather. And we were helping her; we were cleaning out stuff, and in the sock drawer, we stumbled upon this ring that was wrapped up in a sock."

    Stunned at how easily the piece of jewellery could have been lost, Joanna gasped: "I don't believe that. It could have gone in the washing machine. You could have just bundled everything up and given it to a charity shop."

    The guest replied: "I said, 'Mom, is this your ring? And she said, 'Oh yes, I kept it there so I didn't lose it."

    An impressed Joanna went on to explain why the ring is so valuable, saying: "It is absolutely superb. Made in platinum, about 1915, the diamond is what we call a transitional cut. It has a really soft look about it. You've got the facet, but nothing's sharp. The modern brilliant cut, to me, is quite brash, but this has such an air of sophistication.

    "It is nearly a four-carat, so it's a really large size. The clarity, it just has a very tiny little, what we call a little flaw – it's natural, nothing that you've done. You will need to re-tip the claw there; there's one claw that has come adrift."

    To conclude, Joanna rendered the guest flabbergasted as she estimated the ring could sell for a whopping £20,000.

    The shocked guest beamed: " "I better get that claw fixed quickly. Wow!"

    The expert concluded: "It is such a stunning, stunning ring. Absolutely lovely."

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