All 3 Jeopardy! Contestants Couldn't Name CNN's Long-Running Morning News Show

Jeopardy! contestants are supposed to be geniuses, but it seemed like those who joined the game show on Wednesday night barely watch the news.

A question in the category “Blank News” asked competitors to name the program on “CNN from 4 to 6 a.m. Eastern time.” But none of them could remember the word “early” before the 30-second buzzer cut in.

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The hosts of Early Start, Christine Romans and Dave Briggs, joked about the simultaneous honor and snub during Thursday’s episode.

“They’ll never forget it now, and I bet they’re even watching! Thanks, Alex!” Romans said enthusiastically, referencing the show’s long-time host Alex Trebek, 78.

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“[Two of them] are from Norman, Oklahoma and Los Angeles. We’re letting them off the hook because it’s tough hours for those folks, but it’s good to be on Jeopardy!” Briggs concluded.

The quiz show, which premiered in 1964, has been on a roll lately when it comes to pop culture references.

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