Adult Material fans horrified as Jolene dismisses her teen daughter’s rape

Adult Material first aired on our screens on Monday night and Channel 4 viewers were left horrified as porn star Jolene Dollar dismissed her daughter Phoebe's (Alex Jarrett) rape.

The Channel 4 drama delves inside the mainstream porn industry from the point of view of mother-of-three Jolene (Hayley Squires), who has worked in the industry her entire adult life.

As one of the top porn performers in the UK, Jolene, 33, has seen the industry change over the course of her career.

Jolene, real name Hayley Burrows, is introduced to a new girl called Amy one day on set.

Amy is 19 years old and not much older than Jolene's oldest daughter, Phoebe.

Jolene looks after Amy the way that she looks every new girl on set, but she quickly realised she couldn't protect Amy from her own choices.

Phoebe faced her own troubles as she woke up to her boyfriend having a sex with her without her permission.

The emotional schoolgirl opened up to her mum Jolene about what happened in the bedroom and Jolene's response didn't go down well with viewers.

Instead of comforting her daughter, Jolene said that he was partly to blame because she had sex with him the night before.

Viewers rushed to their keyboards to discuss Jolene's questionable motherly advice.

Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: "So her daughter is sexually assaulted and she's basically told her to be careful not for it to happen again, as she was partly to blame."

Another added: "Adult Material dealing with some pretty f*cked up themes here. Poor Phoebe."

A third posted: "Is Jolene making excuses for daughter being raped?"

While a fourth ranted: "This is pretty f***ed already. It’s a dark and disturbing drama not just an adult drama. I’m not sure I can see this through."

A fifth raged: "Is she serious? What type of advice is that to her own daughter?"

Phoebe was also faced with more drama as her mother Jolene caught chlamydia in her eye.

This was an issue for Phoebe as she had previously took her mother's false eyelashes without her permission.

Amy told Phoebe that she had to go to the sex clinic to get checked to see if she too had the sexually transmitted disease.

Phoebe was devastated at the fact she could have chlamydia and so could her boyfriend.

Adult Material continues on Channel 4 on Monday at 9pm

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