A Place in the Sun’s Laura Hamilton devastated as huge gamble backfires ‘Pushed too far’

A Place in the Sun: Laura shows couple ‘traditional house’

Laura Hamilton hoped to find retirees Gay and Stephen the perfect property for their relocation to North West France. The couple explained they were looking for a spacious home with plenty of traditional features but the Channel 4 expert soon realised the couple’s wish list was changing from property to property. Laura decided to take a huge risk for her fourth offering but later admitted the gamble hadn’t paid off. 

Gay and Stephen revealed they had a budget of £100,000 for their move to Finistere with an extra £5,000 to play with. 

The couple were looking for a two-bedroom traditional property and were not keen to get involved with a project. 

The first property failed to impress the couple as Gay revealed she wasn’t impressed with the open plan nature of the downstairs space. 

Gay then announced she wanted an extra bedroom that could she use as a sewing room. 

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“Now you tell me you need another room for sewing,” Laura quipped. “What more do you want for your money?”

“Not the start I was hoping for and now they tell me they want more,” Laura later added. 

Although the couple thought the first property was too small, ironically the second property had too much space for the pair. 

The traditional building failed to impress the couple as they admitted they preferred a more modern look than they first thought. 

Gay and Stephen fell in love with the third modern offering Laura showed them and the expert was thrilled to finally get a contender.

But Gay admitted she hoped to find a house that was both modern and traditional. 

However, Laura opted to show the pair a very traditional stone house, with an open plan kitchen-dinner that needed a lot of work to make it a suitable home. 

Staying outside the property, Laura said: “That’s a bit of a different reaction to the last house. Stephen, your face that’s a picture.

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“I wanted to bring you here because it was more of a traditional house.”

Gay replied: “This isn’t getting me excited immediately but I can see the possibilities.”

“I listened to what you said along this journey,” Laura said before inviting them to look around the house. 

“I think I pushed them too far with this traditional house,” she later added. “This could go either way I’m a little bit nervous.”

Unsurprisingly, the couple rejected the fourth property but Laura found success with her final offering. 

Gay and Stephen were overjoyed with the three-bedroom house in the small, traditional village of Laz and decided to put an offer forward. 

After having their initial offer rejected, Laura was pleased to reveal their counteroffer had been accepted. 

“How do you feel?” Laura asked and Stephen replied: “Like winners.”

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 3pm.

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