A Place in the Sun's Jasmine Harman baffled as couple halt property viewing for VERY picky reason

A PLACE in the Sun's Jasmine Harman was left baffled after a couple halted a property viewing for a VERY picky reason.

Wednesday's episode of the Channel 4 show saw Jasmine meet Hugh and Bruce in Alicante, Spain.

The couple wanted to sell their home in Scotland and relocate to sunnier climes on a budget of £135,000.

However, the couple found fault with a number of the properties Jasmine showed them, including the last one.

Property number five was a three-bedroom penthouse apartment which had access to a communal pool and a large roof terrace.

It was slightly over their budget at £141,071 but Jasmine was excited to show them the large outdoor space.

"Check out the size of this" she beamed as they walked out, but Hugh replied: "I like it apart from the tiles."

He added: "I hate terracotta tiles with a passion and there are a lot of tiles to remove up here."

Bruce added: "Yeah I'm with you on that one.

"No matter how nice the furniture you put down on here, it just wouldn't have the same look that we would want. You'd have to retile that."

Jasmine replied in surprise: "You are more bothered about the colour of the tiles than the size of the outside space?"

She added: "Do you actually want to have a look around at any more or are you done?"

But the couple replied: "I don't think this is for us," and ended the viewing on the spot.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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