A Place in the Sun’s Danni Menzies left in tears by buyers’ emotional reaction: ‘Got me’

A Place in the Sun: Danni emotional over property

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Danni Menzies had been enjoying a successful time in Friday’s episode of A Place in the Sun with sisters Victoria and Gail, who hoped to buy a Spanish holiday home for their families to enjoy. With a combined budget of £260,000, it was up to the Channel 4 property expert to locate the perfect place for them on the northern Costa Blanca. After two out of two contenders, the trio all ended up bursting into tears while exploring the third property.

A six-bed villa in Altea, the home featured a communal pool, front garden, patio and separate back garden.

Upstairs was a balcony and roof terrace with mountain views, an en-suite double bedroom, two further bedrooms and a shower room.

Boasting plenty more amenities, the villa left the sisters stunned, and it wasn’t long before Danni joined them in becoming emotional.

“Come on then, ladies,” Dani instructed as she walked into the spacious villa.

She continued: “So, we said we wanted something more modern and finished than the previous property.

“We’ve definitely got that here.”

“Yeah,” Victoria agreed. “This is really nice – really big.

“I can see the whole family here, straight away.”

“What are you thinking Gail?” Danni inquired.

A visibly moved Gail replied: “Well, I’m a little bit emotional actually.”

“Are you?” Danni asked as Victoria hugged her sister and began to cry too.

“Yeah,” Gail answered, struggling to fight back tears. “I can see us all here.”

“Aw, girls,” the presenter commented as Gail could no longer speak.

“Don’t cry because you’ll make me cry,” Victoria said as tears began to fall.

“I didn’t expect this, at all,” Gail admitted. “Sorry.”

Danni explained: “It’s a hot one, this one. I’m really happy that you’re getting a bit of the feels.”

Tearing up herself, she added: “Oh gosh, you actually are getting me as well – sorry!”

She continued: “We’re getting good feelings here and that makes me very happy, so let’s go downstairs and let’s continue.”

Eventually, the family decided to make an offer on the house.

Although it was valued at £269,369, they decided to make an initial offer of £250,000.

The seller made a counteroffer of just over £256,000, which was happily accepted by the group.

A Place in The Sun airs weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.

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