WWE star Cody Rhodes reveals how he is fined every time he says certain words live on air – but NOT swearing | The Sun

CODY RHODES has been wracking up fines with WWE HQ for saying banned words on air – but hasn't been turning the air blue.

The WWE star, 37, has revealed he is hit with a $,1000 fine every time he says certain words during broadcasts.

And Rhodes – who is currently sidelined with an injury – was slapped down by The Miz during an April episode of RAW for saying the wrong phrases.

Rhodes was corrected by the SummerSlam star after referring to "Superstars" as "Wrestlers" and "titles" as "Championship Belts".

The WWE has a lengthy selection of words that are on the banned list.

These include the terms belts, wrestling, blood, choke, headshot, violence, WWF and victim.

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During an interview at Comic-Con, host Steve Ozer referred to "belts" before correcting himself.

But Rhodes wanted the panelist to say the term – revealing he was regularly hit with a $1k fine for doing the same.

Rhodes told fans: "Buddy, you can say belts.

"If they fine me $1,000 every time I say belts, I’m fine with it. Belts.

"It can be a title belt, sure, it’s a championship.

"But it also physically goes around your waist. It's a belt."

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Rhodes remained tight-lipped about his return to the ring, with rumors swirling that he could be in line for Royal Rumble in 2023.

He said: "[My doctor] told me flat out that he’s not going to give me a timeline because he’s afraid I’m going to try and jump it.

"So I’m still going to try and jump it.

"My Royal Rumble stats are top 10, they’re phenomenal.

"So if I was to come back at that event, there is a chance I could actually get up in the top five and I’m all about that.

"You never know! We’ll see.”

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