Wimbledon 2022 LIVE RESULTS: Rafael Nadal in MEDICAL TIME-OUT in match vs Fritz, Kyrgios one set UP vs Garin – latest | The Sun

RAFAEL NADAL in action on Centre Court RIGHT NOW against American No 1 Taylor Fritz.

The Spanish icon will be eager to progress to the semi-finals as he is chasing the calendar Grand Slam.

And with Novak Djokovic only managing to scrape a win over Jannik Sinner, Nadal will fancy his chances.

Elsewhere, Nick Kyrgios is up in action against Chile star Cristian Garin on Court No 1. The winners meet in the semi-final on Friday.

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  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios 6-4 5-2 Garin*

    Garin takes a slight slip at 15-0 but still wins the point when Kyrgios goes wide.

    Nick fires down a mammoth second serve but then at 30-15 tries an overly elaborate angled half-volley.

    Then a useless drop shot is easily put away by Garin.


    Missed first serve.

    Angry Kyrgios.

    Second serve. That's clutch. Garin goes long.

    Kyrgios with the one-two to put the ball away and then another long return has Kyrgios marching back to the chair. 5-2.

    Credit: Richard Pelham / The Sun
  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios* 6-4 4-2 Garin

    The Chilean does just about get through the hold.

    He gives a shake of the racket as he seals the game.

    Kyrgios will be hoping to move within a game of the second set.

  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios 6-4 4-1 Garin*

    Sorry for the brief delay in Kyrgios updates – it is a bit hectic here at the All England Club.

    But I can tell you he got the break at 2-1 and then held again for 4-1.

    Can Garin stop the rot?

  • Joshua Jones

    Nadal back on court

    This stomach issue affects every part of Nadal's play – his serve, every shot, his rotation, his movement.

    He does come back out and thankfully picks up the racket.

    But Fritz races through a love hold. 4-4 second set.

  • Joshua Jones

    Medical time out

    Nadal has gone off court for a medical time out.

    He looks in real trouble here.

    And the Calendar Slam could be about to go, too.

    Credit: Richard Pelham / The Sun
    Credit: Richard Pelham / The Sun
  • Joshua Jones

    Call it a day?

    Feliciano Lopez – a former Davis Cup team-mate of Nadal – thinks his team want him to retire.

    He tells the BBC: "They don't want him to continue playing.

    "That's how I read it."

  • Joshua Jones

    Rafa shakes his head

    Oh Rafa does not look right.

    He does hold.

    But a grimace and shake of the head to his box does not bode well.

    And now the trainer is on…

  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios 6-4 2-1 Garin*

    Kyrgios rattles through one of those service games which last barelya minute.

    He keeps himself in front.

  • Joshua Jones

    Nadal broken back (again)

    History is repeating itself on Centre.

    Nadal was a break up early in the first and was broken back before losing it.

    And now in the second he was an early break up and has been pegged back.

    Fritz leads 6-3 3-3…

    And has break points.

    Rafa does not look right…

  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios* 6-4 1-1 Garin

    Oooh that was the chance.

    Kyrgios brings up break point and goes for a backhand up the line – it's certainly makeable by his lofty standards.

    But he hits the net.

    Let off for Garin, who seals the game when Kyrgios mishits a return long.

    An important hold.

  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios 6-4 1-0 Garin*

    Kyrgios leads 40-15 when Garin produces another of his forehand cross-court winners.

    Then Garin gets fortunate with another let cord which Kyrgios can only backhand into the net.

    A monster serve and a Garin drop shot into the net close out the first game of this second set.

  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios* 6-4 Garin


    "Come on," Kyrgios says as Garin misses.

    "Yep," as he gets to 0-30.

    "Yep, come on," 0-40 as Garin fires long on the forehand…

    "LET'S GO!" as Garin mishits one wide.

    All of a sudden, Nick Kyrgios has taken the first set.

  • Joshua Jones

    Nadal gets another early break

    The Spaniard – again with strapping on his abs – has got the early break in the second set.

    He did the same in the first, mind you.

    Rafa leads 3-0.

    Credit: Richard Pelham / The Sun
    Credit: Richard Pelham / The Sun
  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios 5-4 Garin*

    A second serve into the net at 15-15 will not help Kyrgios' mood.

    And neither will the ball clipping the net and dropping over into his half as Garin apologises and brings up two break points.

    Kyrgios sarcastically applauds his box for that one!

    He saves both, the second with a drop shot that sees Garin take a tumble trying to push off.

    Kyrgios makes sure his opponent is all good – rest assured, Garin is fine.

    123mph second serve ace. Not bad.

    Another booming serve, at 134mph, gives Nick advantage again – but Garin whips a nasty forehand at his feet and Kyrgios cannot control the half-volley.

    Garin slices a backhand wide. Game Kyrgios.

  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios* 4-4 Garin

    A double fault to kick it off – the Hawkeye proves the first serve was actually in.

    Then the rally of the match so far, both men finding great angles before Kyrgios thumps a forehand up the line. Perfect. 

    But from 0-30, Garin comes battling back against his vocal opponent, with the Aussie sending long for 4-4. 

  • Joshua Jones

    Fritz takes the first set

    I told you this could be an upset…

    Nadal was looking all good a break up but dropped his serve again at 4-3 before Fritz served it out.

    Nadal will have to go to at least four if he is going through…

  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios 4-3 Garin*

    A challenge goes against Kyrgios but he chases down a drop shot and forces his opponent into a volley error.

    Up 30-15, Kyrgios has something to say – of course he does – about a let being called and then Garin digs out a backhand winner. Lovely shot.

    Two big serves see him through the game.

    And Kyrgios now leads for the first time.

  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios* 3-3 Garin

    Oh Nick has made it! What a shot!

    At 15-30, Garin thinks he has got himself level in the game with a perfect backhand volley.

    But Kyrgios comes dashing across and produces a stunning forehand, flicking back across his opponent and landing it bang on the line.

    Two break points…

    The first is saved with a wonderful smash and the second when Kyrgios hits a forehand long. Waste.

    He knows it and is furious.

    Garin pushes a backhand wide… another chance for Kyrgios to break back…

    Garin nets a backhand!

    "Let's go," the roar from the Aussie.

  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios 2-3 Garin*

    A love hold for Kyrgios.

    He appears to be back on track, as much as that is possible.

    He is nattering on at the changeover.

    "All good," I think he says.

    Now the challenge is to get that break back…

  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios* 1-3 Garin

    A slight bit of pressure on the Chilean's serve at 30-30.

    But he gets out of trouble with some strong serving and a Kyrgios error.

  • Joshua Jones

    Fritz hits his stride

    Fritz gets to 0-40 on the Nadal serve.

    And despite a brief fightback from the Spaniard, the American gets the break back.

    3-3 first set.

  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios 1-2 Garin*

    Kyrgios has forgotten his tennis brain!

    He plays a volley on the baseline and then puts the ball wide. Doh.

    Finally, he starts winning some points – huge, almost sarcastic applause goes up around No1 – with some big serving.

    The controversial Aussie is on the board.

  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios* 0-2 Garin

    He is muttering away and away as he falls 30-0 down.

    Kyrgios puts one just long after a baseline exchange.

    Garin looks dialled in as he nails a backhand cross-court winner.

    Eight points played.

    Eight points won for Garin.

    Eight points lost for Kyrgios.

  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios 0-1 Garin*


    Perfect start for Garin as he flashes a forehand return cross-court and flying past Kyrgios.

    A baseline exchange then sees Kyrgios miss and then Garin digs out a running backhand winner which finds the corner.

    Kyrgios frames long and that is a break to start.

    What a start for the Chilean.

    He will keep quiet and plug away.

    Kyrgios is ALREADY shouting at his box. After four points.

  • Joshua Jones

    Warm-up all done

    Garin won the toss and chose to receive.

    Kyrgios asked to change ends and opted for the green towel boxes.

    Here we go…

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