Western Michigan used the rare fake spike in the final seconds to completely fool Toledo and cap a brilliant comeback win

Western Michigan fake punt

  • Western Michigan pulled off a stunning comeback win over Toledo on Wednesday night thanks to a brilliantly executed trick play.
  • After recovering an onside kick with less than a minute left in the game, Western Michigan drove into Toledo territory for a potential game-winning score.
  • The Broncos made a gain into the red zone and rushed to the line indicating that they were going to spike the ball and stop the clock, but it was a fake.
  • Quarterback Kaleb Eleby stepped back and threw a rainbow pass to wide receiver Jaylen Hall, who had been left completely uncovered by the Toledo defense.
  • The stunning finish came with a lesson to college football defenses everywhere: don't get caught sleeping.
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Western Michigan completed an astounding comeback win over Toledo on Wednesday night, thanks to a bit of trickeration with just 20 seconds remaining in the game.

The comeback began with just under three minutes left in regulation, with Western Michigan trailing Toledo 38-28 and in need of a miracle. WMU marched down the field thanks to a series of check-down passes and one impressive throw to the sideline and finally scored a touchdown with just 43 seconds remaining.

After missing the extra-point attempt, WMU still trailed 38-34 heading into their kickoff, needing to recover an onside kick and score another touchdown to win the game.

They made the onside kick look easy.

Now with possession, Western Michigan needed a touchdown to win. After another series of check-down passes picked up yards before scampering out of bounds, the Broncos got the break they needed, with quarterback Kaleb Eleby connecting with wide receiver D'Wayne Eskridge for 18 yards up the middle to give the Western Michigan first-and-goal with just 20 seconds remaining.

The Broncos rushed to the line, signaling for a spike to stop the clock. But when Eleby took the snap, he instead took a step back and threw a rainbow to Jaylen Hall, who had snuck out wide without any Toledo defenders noticing.

The fake spike had fooled everyone.

After one more stop from the Western Michigan defense, the Broncos had completed a comeback for the ages.

On Twitter, fans reveled in the Broncos display of trickery.

Western Michigan's win is a lesson to college football defenses everywhere: don't get caught sleeping.

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