Weightlifter Li Fabin wins gold on ONE LEG as China star with 'flamingo' move lifts 3 times his weight at Tokyo Olympics

WEIGHTLIFTER Li Fabin blew away the competition in the men's 61kg weightlifting category using a bizarre ONE-LEGGED lift to win gold at the Tokyo Olympics.

Li used a unique stance to correct his balance whilst lifting 166kg – almost three times his body weight – which fans have now called the "flamingo" move.

Li uses the move to help him correct his balance if a lift is in danger of going horribly wrong.

And the Olympic gold-winning ace has warned against people trying to replicate his move, as it could result in serious injury.

He said: "I have very strong core strength and muscles.

"I know this move pleases the audience but I don’t suggest people make the same move. It could provoke injury.”

Li has pulled off the show-stopping skill before at the 2017 Asian Championships.

The 28-year-old insists he isn't a show off, but rather someone with an unorthodox technique to correct a lift.

Li was battling it out with Indonesia's Eko Yuli Irawan for the gold, and followed up the flamingo move with a more conventional clean and jerk of 172kg.

Li's 172kg lift put Irawan in a difficult spot, needing him to break his own world record to stand a chance of coming away with the gold medal.


But two failed attempts later, Li was crowned Olympic champion lifting a total of 313kg.

Li's gold medal helped take China's overall medal haul at the Games to 11 just two days in.

Five ahead of host nations Japan who have six medals so far.

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