Watch WWE chief Vince McMahon, 74, throw himself off 10ft balcony in age-defying heart-stopping stunt

WWE chief Vince McMahon has always claimed that he wouldn't make his Superstars do something which he wouldn’t do himself.

And even at age 74, the American billionaire is still proving that point after he threw himself off a 10ft balcony during WrestleMania 36's rehearsal.

McMahon's act of bravery was done to ease the fears of NFL star Rob Gronkowski.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight-end spent two months with WWE during his temporary retirement from American football.

Gronk served as WrestleMania 36's host and was tasked with replicating the dive spot to win the 24/7 Championship.

And WWE 24 documentary crew covering the pay-per-view captured the difficulties the three-time SuperBowl winner was having.

Kevin Owens said: "So as the story goes, it became time for Gronkowski to jump off the platform.

"And then, the scene unfolds. Vince decided to come show him how to do it."

The boss will not ask you to do anything that he's not willing to do himself. He doesn't always have to prove it, but sometimes he wants to

Gronk himself explained: "Playing football in the NFL, it's not like you just go out on the field and you're ready to go.

"You've got to practise, and it's the same thing with WrestleMania."

McMahon climbs over the railing before setting himself and taking a leap down to a safety mat on the floor

The WWE chairman then motions his hands as if a ten-foot drop for a 74-year-old man was no big deal.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre said: "The boss will not ask you to do anything that he's not willing to do himself.

"He doesn't always have to prove it, but sometimes he wants to. 'You don't have to.' Okay, he's gonna do it anyway."

NXT star Rhea Ripley added: "It's just proving that he's still the badass that he's always been.

"And I love it, I love that he jumped off that thing to prove a point. It's a Vince thing."

WWE fans were similarly awed with one tweeting: "Vince just made Gronk look like a b***h and was so nice about it!"

Another said: "Wait what?? He just saw it once and immediately fell. Wow now I know where Shane o mac gets the fearless thing. Absolutely wow."

A third added: "Vince McMahon making Gronk look like an absolute mug is the content I’m here for haha."

This is far from the first time McMahon has performed such a high-risk stunt.

24 years ago, the WWE chief performed Shawn Michaels' iconic WrestleMania 12 zipline entrance to prove it was safe during rehearsals.

McMahon will be making his first on-screen appearance to kick off Friday Night SmackDown at the ThunderDome tonight.

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