Urban Meyer retirement from Ohio State comes four months too late

Urban Meyer is a few months too late. 

Meyer’s announcement Tuesday that he is stepping down should have been made over the summer. Should have been made for him, really, after it became clear that he enabled a domestic abuser and then lied about it to protect his own reputation. But he was allowed to write his own ending because he’s got three national titles and a .901 winning percentage at Ohio State.

As the praise and tributes roll in, it’s worth remembering there’s a difference between being a good coach and being a good man, and trouble usually follows when the two are confused. Meyer is a good, no, great, coach, by any measure one of the best the college game has ever seen.

But he is also callous and calculating, willing to bend his morals to fit his needs.

Meyer revealed his true character over the summer, lying about what he knew and when he knew about former assistant Zach Smith’s history of alleged domestic abuse, and doing whatever he needed to cover his tracks. Had Meyer really wanted to set an example, to show his players that accountability is more than some word scrawled across a white board in a locker room, he would have owned up to his mistakes and stepped down in July. Or August. Or September.

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