Up to QUARTER of EFL players have NO intention of getting Covid vaccine with fears season could be disrupted by outbreak

A QUARTER of players in the Football League are reportedly snubbing Covid-19 injections, despite the Government advising them not to do so.

The news comes as the latest figures show the percentages of double-jabbed EFL footballers has risen from roughly 18 per cent to 49 per cent. 

However, the number of those who have been inoculated or intend to get injections has increased by JUST five per cent over the past month, according to the Mail on Sunday. 

And this information comes in the same month as SunSport exclusively revealing at least five England players are refusing to get vaccinated. 

It is thought the resistance of the unnamed Three Lions aces has thrown the national team’s World Cup qualification plans into disarray. 

The Mail on Sunday says a source has informed them that ‘approximately 75 per cent’ of EFL players this month are fully vaccinated, have had one jab or intend to be vaccinated.

It is thought some players are refusing to get injected due to their young age, fitness levels and the belief they are less likely to get the virus. 

It is also reported that fears relating to stories of individuals experiencing heart inflammations after being vaccinated are influencing some players’ decisions. 

This is despite there being limited medical evidence to back up this argument. 

The latest statistics have come to light despite Football League chiefs ramping up efforts to smash conspiracies and myths concerning vaccine safety. 

It has even been speculated some players believe Christian Eriksen’s cardiac arrest at Euro 2020 was Covid jab-related despite there being no scientific proof of this.

The EFL has been working on teaching players about the pros of coronavirus jabs for individuals and wider society. 

There’s no doubt the vaccination programme is our best route out of this problem

Their efforts include educational leaflets and posters being circulated with the aim of them being shown at club grounds and stadiums. 

It is thought league officials are also collaborating with the National Health Service to boost the number of mobile vaccination centre visits to clubs. 

The Mail on Sunday’s source added: “Vaccinations will preserve the integrity of our competitions and we’re continuing to educate players and staff.”

The Goverment’s chief medical officer Professor Jonathan Van Tam recorded a video with EFL and Prem chiefs in a bid to discredit conspiracy theories. 

It is claimed the footage has been circulated within footballers’ WhatsApp groups. 

And it is hoped see players getting Covid vaccines will encourage more individuals in the wider population, particularly young people, to get jabbed. 

Last week just 55 per cent of 16 to 18-year-olds were reported to have had at least a single dose of the vaccine. 

This is despite jabs being provided for this age group since August. 

In July England boss Gareth Southgate front a vaccination campaign. 

In a video message, Southgate said:  “There’s no doubt the vaccination programme is our best route out of this problem.”

The Three Lions chief, who was keen to lend the camp his support, later revealed: “Of all the things I’ve received abuse for over the summer — of which there’s been several — that’s the one I’ve received the most abuse over.”


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