Tyson Fury reveals what inspired him to get off the canvas like a 'phoenix rising from the ashes' after being brutally knocked out by Deontay Wilder

The Gypsy King collapsed to the ground and looked down and out after taking a brutal blow in the final round.

Epitomising his remarkable comeback from depression, drugs and alcohol abuse, Fury somehow got back to his feet after seeing the American celebrate in the corner of his eye.

Even Wilder himself was so confident it was enough to win the fight that he mocked Fury by producing a throat-slitting gesture.

But he looked shell-shocked to see the 30-year-old ready to continue the absorbing scrap.

And speaking to Good Morning Britain, Fury said it was the motivation he needed to get back onto his feet.

He said: "I have no idea how (on getting back to his feet), it must have been a divine intervention.

"I saw the replay this morning and I looked to be unconscious on the canvas and just woke up.

"I was perfectly healthy and my legs were strong. I don't know how that was even possible to do but I was like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

"I could see Wilder celebrating."

The result, which caused anger around the boxing world, denied Fury from one of the greatest comebacks in sporting history.

It was just one of the many tough battles Fury has had to endure throughout his career both mentally and physically.

And he has his own advice for people struggling to cope with the same issues he faced.

When asked on how he beat the demons, he replied: "It was very hard.

"When I realised it was okay to come out and speak to people about it, that really did help me.

"I hope people can seek advice straight away and speak to people that are close around you.

"It's not something that you should bottle up no matter how big or tough you are. I'm a living testament to what can be achieved."

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