Tom Daley's most impressive knitwear from '£1,750 Gucci dress' to swimming trunks after going viral during Olympics

TOM DALEY enjoyed a phenomenal Tokyo 2020 with TWO medals including a gold in the 10m synchronised diving.

The Team GB star, 27, also won bronze in the individual event in what was his FOURTH Games after bursting onto the scene as 14-year-old at Beijing 2008.

But Daley has been turning heads not only for his impressive work in the pool, but also for his KNITTING.

The British ace has been spotted time and time again sitting in the stands working on his knitwear.

Daley even has his own Instagram account dedicated to his woollen delights – which has 1.2million followers.

And if we've learned anything, it's that he has a potential career waiting for him once he decides to hang up his trunks.

Most-notably, Daley perfectly recreated a Gucci dress for his friend, Sophie Lee.

The mini-dress goes for a staggering £1,750, but Daley made it from 'leftover yarn from a previous project'.

With over 42,000 likes, fans can't tell the difference between the original and the replica.

But that's not all, Daley has knitted things of all sizes and not just clothes.


Last Christmas, the diving sensation knitted a reindeer and snowflake tree decoration.

He even cobbled together a pink and white unicorn – as well as an adorable pair of woollen baby boots.

Daley also knits practical everyday items, including dining table place-mats, a tea cosy and even a purple SOFA for his mum's cat.

Most-recently, at the Tokyo Games, Daley knitted a spectacular Team GB jumper.

He also knitted a little pouch sporting a Union Flag to hold his gold medal.

Daley also rustled up a pair of woollen swim trunks – more for decoration than for practical use, you'd imagine.

Elsewhere in his ever-growing portfolio, Daley has knitted a host of colourful jumpers including a perfect recreation of Charlie Brown's yellow and black top from Peanuts.

What's all the more amazing is that Daley has only been dabbling in knitting and crocheting for a year.


During the games, the Brit admitted: “I started knitting at the beginning of lockdown and have been obsessed ever since.

“I have started to crochet now also!”

Just imagine what he'll be able to do with a little more practice…

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