RJ Barrett snaps at ‘negative’ question with Knicks guarantee

RJ Barrett can’t imagine not taking another trip to Atlanta for a Game 6 on Friday.

Trailing the Hawks 3-1 in their first-round series, the Knicks second-year wing was asked how he’d judge this season if they can’t get out of the first round.

An edgy Barrett didn’t want to hear any of it after Wednesday’s morning shootaround ahead of Game 5 at the Garden.

“Why you got to be so negative?” Barrett said. “I ain’t thinking about that. We’re winning tonight. I ain’t thinking about that. C’mon bro. Stupid-ass question.”

Indeed, the Knicks seem to be in a combative spirit – a good sign. They’ll need everything they can muster. No Knicks team has ever come back from a 1-3 deficit in 13 tries. Atlanta center Clint Capela said the Hawks are in New York “to put the Knicks on vacation.”

Even if the Knicks can get back to Atlanta, it stands to be one final night of magical basketball at The Mecca.

Taj Gibson said, win or lose, this first-round series was a beautiful thing for the franchise.

“Have you seen the crowd and emotions around the city – it shows the love,” Gibson said. “I’ve been around a long time in some really loud places. The atmosphere in the Garden, atmosphere around the city, people constantly encouraging you about the game.

“You go down and get a bagel or cup of coffee, everybody is giving us praise about what we’re doing in changing the culture. The city is paying attention but we don’t feel we’re done yet. Right now it’s a starting block to what the team wants to do and what organization wants to do as a whole.”

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