Playoffs? Colts could be the team no one wants to play

HOUSTON – They have still yet to utter the p-word in the locker room, and that’s by design. Frank Reich wants it that way. He demands it.

Playoffs? Playoffs?!? Raise even the possibility with an Indianapolis Colt and you’ll garner one of three reactions: A shrug of the shoulders, a shake of the head, a timely pivot to a cliché they’re starting to really like this time of year. “All that matters is going 1-0 every week…” says one after another after another. Reich, the fearless first-year coach, doesn’t want his team daydreaming about its postseason potential.

Maybe it’s time the rest of us should.

Especially after that, a performance Sunday that was both calculating and complete, and rather surprising considering how bad this team (read: the offense) looked the last time they took the field, seven days ago in Jacksonville. Reich’s Colts beat up the hottest team in football, in their place, 24-21 in Week 14, with an AFC South crown awaiting the surging Texans if they were able to sweep their division rival in 2018 and push their winning streak to 10.

Problem was: Indy wasn’t having it. Lousy calls, sputtering offense early, fourth-quarter surge by the Texans late, no matter. The Colts knew the Texans were anxious to celebrate. They made certain it didn’t happen on their watch.

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