NFL News: Cowboys Jaylon Smith Fined For Helmet-To-Helmet Hit On Saints Alvin Kamara

It wasn’t called a penalty during the game, but Jaylon Smith has now received a fine for it.

Last week, the Dallas Cowboys went out on Thursday Night Football and ended the New Orleans Saints’ 10-game win streak with a 13-10 victory. It was a game that brought about a good bit of controversy due to missed calls on both sides of the field, but the NFL is making up for at least one of them. The Cowboys linebacker is now a bit lighter in the wallet after the league fined him for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Saints running back Alvin Kamara.

The hit came at midfield during a drive in which the Saints were looking to keep things rolling for them in an attempted comeback. It was third-and-17 when Kamara took the ball and made it to the sideline before being leveled by Smith in an obvious helmet-to-helmet hit.

Immediately after the whistle was blown to signal the end of the play, Kamara attempted to get up and it was obvious that he was a bit off. Officials did not throw a penalty flag on the play and the game continued on with the Saints punting the ball away.

A penalty would have given the Saints a first down and the ball at the 27-yard-line of the Dallas Cowboys. From there, the game continued on to a Cowboys victory, but more than a week later, Smith has received his fine from the NFL.

Todd Archer of ESPN reported on Friday that the league handed Cowboys linebacker Jaylon Smith a fine of $26,739. The fine comes from the NFL for “Impermissible Use of the Helmet” and it is Smith’s first violation.

If Smith ends up receiving a second violation of the same rule this season, he would receive a doubled fine of $53,482. There is also the possibility of a suspension depending on the severity of the hit.

Jaylon Smith is not known as a dirty player in the NFL and he doesn’t have the reputation of someone who sets out to hurt others. This was just a situation in which the hit was delivered and sometimes, they do just happen, but it should have drawn a penalty flag from the officials.

Jaylon Smith said on Thursday that Alvin Kamara had “turned his body at the last second” and he delivered the hit. Smith does plan to appeal his fine.

Fans of the New Orleans Saints have called foul on a number of things from the loss to the Dallas Cowboys. The missed calls are one thing and as reported by Inquisitr, there was also the issue of the mystery Cowboys staffer on the Saints’ sideline. The game is in the past now, though, and the Saints are moving onto the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this weekend. Dallas is moving on too, but Jaylon Smith is going with $26,000 less in his bank account.

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