My kids have been bombarded on Snapchat with graphic video of their rugby star dad Joe Westerman, mum reveals | The Sun

THE wife of rugby league love rat Joe Westerman has told how her kids have been bombarded with graphic videos of their dad on Snapchat .

Mum-of-three Lauren Westerman, 33, said the graphic seven-second clip filmed in a darkened alley and uploaded to Twitter had inflicted untold harm their children.

Her husband's almighty fall from grace, and her living nightmare, began after the player went on an extraordinary 15-hour booze binge at the weekend.

It started at 11.30am on Saturday in the pubs and bars of Pontefract, West Yorks, took in the grim alleyway behind Greggs, and ended at 2.30am the following day.

Hours later, footage of the Castleford Tigers star, his trousers and pants wrapped round his ankles while performing a sex act on a blonde estate agent, had been shared all over the world and left a trail of heartache.

Dignified Lauren told The Sun she felt "physically sick" the first time she saw it.


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She continued: “My next thought was for my 14-year-old daughter and whether I could get to her before she saw it. 

“But it was too late. She kept being added to these Snapchat groups from school and being sent the video. 

“She left the groups but kept being added to more and it was sent to her  again and again and again. 

“Our nine-year-old was also sent a screenshot of the video in messages. 

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Rugby ace's wife reveals woman caught in sex vid with hubby has been SACKED


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“That’s their dad and I feel so sorry for them that they’ve had to see something like that."

Lauren has been bombarded with apologetic text messages from her 33-year-old childhood sweetheart but she is adamant there is no way back.

Joe Westerman's wife also revealed…

  • How she can't stop replaying the video in her head
  • How the rugby league love rat has destroyed their family 
  • The grovelling text messages Westerman sent after the footage went viral
  • The blonde woman caught with her disgraced husband has been sacked from her job

Lauren, who married Joe in 2014, reveals she immediately kicked him out of the family home.

And of the married mum-of-two involved in the video, Lauren says: “It’s the children I feel for. Our children and her children.

“She’ll never live it down. She’s lost her job and there are memes of her sweeping the internet, her children are going to see that.

“I don’t know if  our children will ever forgive their dad.

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“There will be no more family dinners, no family days out. It’s all gone. The kids won’t be able to see him play again because of the chants he will now inspire.

“I just hope in time they can forget it.”

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