Mohamed Salah has fans in stitches as he backs away from interviewer

‘You don’t touch the King!’: Mohamed Salah has fans in stitches as they claim video shows Liverpool forward backing away from interviewer he thinks is trying to kiss him

  • Mo Salah was being interviewed after Liverpool’s Champions League triumph
  • The crowd was loud, so the reporter leaned in to be heard over the noise
  • However, Salah thought she was coming in for a kiss, so backed away nervously 

Mohamed Salah is a happily married man, and he clearly doesn’t want to be kissed by any reporters, no matter how innocent their intentions. 

In the wake of Liverpool’s Champions League final triumph over Tottenham Hotspur, Salah understandably got a lot of attention from the press, and was being interviewed on the pitch with celebrations going on around him.

As the interviewer leaned in to try and be heard over the noise of the raucous crowd, the Egyptian apparently thought something else was going on, and backed away. 

An interviewer leaned in to ask Mohamed Salah a question over the noise of the Liverpool fans

However, the Egyptian appeared to think she was leaning in for a kiss, and so he backed off

Liverpool’s star forward had fans in stitches as he misread the situation, and one fan caught the awkward moment and posted it on Twitter for it to be remembered forever.

‘He’s like “my wife is here,”‘ said one user, while another commented ‘you simply don’t touch the king.’

Salah married his wife, Maggi, in 2013, and they had a daughter, Makka, together in 2014.  

Someone else, who clearly isn’t as much of a Mo Salah fan as others, said: ‘For someone to get that close and he stayed on his feet. There’s the shock.’ They were mocking Salah for developing a reputation as a bit of a diver when he comes under pressure from defenders. 

Liverpool defeated Tottenham in the Champions League final thanks to an early penalty from Salah, and a late strike from Divock Origi.

The players took to the streets of Liverpool to show off the Champions League trophy in an impressive parade, where hundreds of thousands of fans turned up to show their support. 

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