Maria Taylor receives outpouring of support after sharing hateful message

Maria Taylor will not be intimidated by hateful messages, nor will it stop her from doing the job she loves.

On Monday, the ESPN reporter shared a lengthy message she received in response to previous comments about Bills rookie quarterback Jake Fromm, who said in a previous text exchange that only “elite white people” should be able to access guns. The message said that Fromm’s comments were how “95% of all white athletes talk and feel” and called Taylor a “trash affirmative action hire.”

“So to be clear texting my father, mother, and brother this hatred does NOT scare me and it will not keep me from doing my job,” Taylor tweeted. “See you this weekend in Minnesota College Football Fans…I missed you!!!”

In June, Taylor spoke about Fromm’s apology during an appearance on “First Take,” stating: “Every time [prejudice] is revealed, and it’s someone say you love or you’ve enjoyed covering, it hurts to your core. It’s a death by 1,000 razor cuts. And that’s how I feel when I heard about Jake Fromm.”

Taylor’s ESPN colleagues and Twitter followers rallied around her Monday, issuing statements of support.

“Ugh, Maria, I’m so sorry. Keep kicking ass!!!” Sarah Spain tweeted.

“When they go low you just keep going back to work!” Elle Duncan posted.

“Keep doing your thing @MariaTaylor. You are killing it. This guy had to take a breather from slurping yogurt from a tube and picking boogers to send this trash,” NFL Network’s Steve Wyche wrote.

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