John Fury says he predicted Tyson would be a champion after his birth

John Fury reveals doctors told him his son, Tyson, would not survive after his premature birth, but admits he ‘saw something completely different’ and defiantly told medics that the boxer would ‘one day be the heavyweight champion of the world’

  • John Fury is set to release a new biography this week chronicling his life
  • It features several anecdotes about his son Tyson including the story of his birth 
  • The book will launch ahead of Fury’s fight against Francis Ngannou this week  

Tyson Fury’s father, John, has opened up on the premature birth of his son, claiming he defiantly told doctors that the professional boxer would grow up to become a ‘world heavyweight champion’ despite medics telling him his son wouldn’t make it. 

The former professional boxer has chronicled his life in an autobiography called ‘When Fury Takes Over’ where he recounts several interesting anecdotes about his son. 

As reported by The Sun, Fury goes into detail about the birth of Tyson, claiming that it was ‘something that he will never forget’. 

‘Again, there were complications for my lad,’ he writes in the book. ‘Tyson had been born massively premature and weighed only 1lb — small enough to fit into the palm of my hand.

‘The doctors said he wouldn’t make it, but I saw something completely different — a little warrior with a glint in his eye and his fist held up, as if he was ready to take on the world. 

John Fury (right) has opened up on how his son, Tyson, was not expected to survive after his premature birth

But Fury senior told doctors that Tyson (pictured) who weighed 1lb at the time, would go on to be heavy weight champion 

He said to the doctors ‘That boy is special, he’s going to live and will be almost 7ft tall and weight 20st’ (pictured in 2015)

‘I said to the doctor: “That boy is special, he is going to live and he’s going to be almost 7ft tall, weigh 20st, and one day he’s going to be the heavyweight champion of the world, mark my words.” When a gypsy gets a funny feeling in his stomach, you should always listen to them — the chances are they’ll be right. 

The book is set to be released on October 26, just two days before Tyson, the current WBC heavyweight champion, is set to fight Francis Ngannou in what is gearing up to be a hotly anticipated bout in Saudi Arabia. 

The Wythenshawe-born boxer also wrote the book’s forward, claiming his dad was ‘our clan’s leader’.  

Fury senior was also sentenced to 11 years behind bars after gouging a fellow traveler’s eye out. He was released in 2015 after serving half of his sentence. 

In the book, he recounted a time he spent in jail, learning that his grandson was gravely ill with meningitis. 

‘He [Tyson] was in Sheffield hospital and his little son Prince, who was only one year old, was very ill with meningitis. “They told me he’s going to die, Dad.”

‘I said: “Listen, son, they told me you were going to die, so that’s rubbish.

Fury is set to release a new biography recalling anecdotes about his son 

John was pictured with his his son Tyson Fury in 2006 before rising to become the two-time heavyweight boxing champion of the world

Former professional boxer John, 59, said his family’s fearsome fighting prowess stemmed from his tough-as-nails mother, Cissy, a ‘natural southpaw’.

John’s new book is set to be released later this month, documenting his life as a boxer and father to Tyson and Tommy Fury 

John’s ‘red mist’ was revealed once more during a press conference between his son Tommy and KSI (left) in August. John, Tommy and KSI are pictured, later, in October 12 in Manchester

Tyson, meanwhile, is due to fight Francis Ngannou on Saturday, two days after his dad’s book is set to be released

‘“Your son is going to be all right. I’m going to call you tomorrow in the morning, and your son is going to be here.”’

Fury senior spoke of how he had prayed in his sell that night for his grandson and admitted he had seen a figure at the end of his bed who told him that everything would be alright. 

In the morning he phoned his son early who told him the good news that his grandson had made some improvements. 

It comes as Fury senior has recently called on YouTube boxer to pay his debts, demanding £200,000 from the Brit, claiming that he lost a bet with him on the outcome of his match against Fury’s other younger son, Tommy.  

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