Jake Paul ‘rushed to hospital’ after Ryan Garcia decks YouTuber in ‘Body Shot Challenge’… but was it a prank? – The Sun

JAKE PAUL pranked Ryan Garcia by pretending the boxer had broken his ribs following a 'Body Shot Challenge'.

The pair have struck up a recent friendship after they dabbled in each other's professions.

Paul made his pro boxing debut this year beating internet rival AnEsonGib while unbeaten lightweight Garcia recently started his own YouTube channel.

To "welcome" Garcia to YouTube, social media star Paul set up a prank where he would pretend to fall injured after a body shot and be rushed into a fake ambulance.

The YouTuber had taken part in Garcia's Body Shot Challenge before but only with protection on.

After getting hammered a few times with an exposed torso, Paul winced in pain much to the disbelief of his friend.

Following some fake camaraderie, which included Paul pretending to cough up blood, an ambulance arrives and Garcia follows the prankster in.

One inside the ambulance, Paul said: "Yo, paramedic, before we go I just wanna tell my friend you just got pranked b****!"

Garcia is then gobsmacked, as everyone begins laughing, and Paul shouts "that's what we do! Welcome to YouTube."

The lightweight contender appeared to take the joke well, playing along online by urging people to watch the prank on YouTube.

With Paul hoping to face internet nemesis KSI this year, it remains to be seen whether he continues to train alongside Garcia.

Golden Boy Promotions Garica is in line to fight ex-world champion Jorge Linares.

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