Inside UFC legend Joe Rogan's huge Asian-inspired £11m Texas mansion with a pool, giant Buddha and custom podcast room

JOE ROGAN has purchased a stunning Asian-inspired £11million Texas mansion with a pool, giant Buddha and custom podcast room.

The UFC commentator revealed in July that he planned to leave Los Angeles, due to high taxes, overcrowding and the homelessness problem in the city.

He decided to move to Austin, where there is a population of 964,000 people, compared to LA's four million.

According to Workandmoney, Rogan is now living in a neighborhood shared by 8,800 people. 

The 53-year-old has moved into a 10,980-square-foot mansion with eight bedrooms, located in Lake Austin.

It comes after the podcast king signed an £80m deal with Spotify in May.

Designer Benjamin Wood has helped transform the modern mansion into an Asian-inspired home.  

Unique Eastern antique furniture surrounds the home, as well as accompanying a huge Buddha statue.

The dining table, living rooms and library all share one space as part of a redesigned open floor plan.

Rogan's kitchen has two islands with pull-up seating, rustic farmhouse-style light fixtures and recessed lighting. 

The dining room has a large farmhouse-style table that has two wide rectangles for legs.

It is more than enough room for Rogan, his wife, Jessica, their three children, and three other potential podcast guests to sit down for a meal.

The back of the home was remodeled with floor-to-ceiling walls, and enjoys a Lake Austin backdrop. 

Rogan also has a massive back garden which has concrete walls surrounding it.

The martial arts expert of course has a home gym with exercise equipment, weights, racks and high-end machines helping keep him fit.

Rogan can also enjoy working from home, having had a custom podcast room built in April.

In addition to the home, there is a carriage house and two attached garages on the property for any other utility rooms the American wishes to use.

Rogan can sleep like a king and relax in his own master bedroom.

His bathroom has a freestanding tub which is in front of a wall of marble as well as a huge shower to go with it.

Off the master bathroom is a sitting area, outfitted with wicker seating and decorative panels of stained glass. 

Rogan also has a comfy spare office, decorated with birdcages and bird wallpaper.

The back porch has a full-sized dining table for outdoor eating, as well as sofas, chairs, a birdhouse, and a lovely view of the water reservoir.

Keen fisher Rogan can also enjoy the property's two boat slips and party decking.

The outdoor pool is accompanied by a lounge area surrounded by trees and features a stonework patio with tufts of grass growing between the cracks. 

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