Inside Christian Horner's luxury country mansion Red Bull F1 boss shares with Spice Girl Geri & three miniature donkeys

RED BULL chief Christian Horner is used to living life in the fast lane working in F1.

But when it comes to his personal life, the team principal of the motorsport giants prefers a more quiet and slower existence away from the race track.

He shares TWO stunning country homes with wife, Spice Girl Geri in Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire and their brood.

The former property is, perhaps, the most lavish and most shared online – boasting its very own duck pond, which they use for boating.

Their farm also houses three miniature donkeys, horses and goats in the estate's stables.


For Horner, living on a farm offers the ideal existence away from the stresses of the F1 circuit.

Back in 2019, he told Luxury London that the sprawling country abode was the "perfect home to relax in."

"Restoring the farm has been my hobby – the way I put racing out of my mind," he added.

"The main house is finished but now the barns are being converted. We’re currently putting the finishing touches to an indoor swimming pool."

Certainly, it's the property in Oxfordshire that gets the most love from Geri on Instagram, who regularly shares candid snaps of her family life.

Horner is stepdad to Geri's daughter Bluebell Madonna, 15, and the couple share a son, Montague, who is 4. He also has another daughter, Olivia, 8, from a previous relationship with ex-partner Beverley Allen.

Christian has been spied alongside his boy riding a mini tractor alongside dad's John Deere.

He's also been seen standing with his vintage Aston Martin DB5, which was Sean Connery's car of choice as James Bond in Goldfinger.


Geri appears happy to play the role of housewife, often sharing photos in the kitchen rustling up treats.

A budding chef, she has shown off her baking skills by crafting cakes using a customised Ginger Spice KitchenAid mixer, which Christian had specially designed for her.

And with four separate ovens to choose from with the AGA range the kitchen boasts, she has plenty of space for her other favourite pastime – making bread.

You can bet, Christian, who also loves using the outdoor barbecue, and the kids are well fed in the Horner household with Geri's production line of cakes and bread.


Christian and Geri have a number of reception room to entertain from.

However, the most popular one appears to be where a £16,000 original Wurlitzer can be found.

When she celebrated her 45th birthday, Geri posted a video online singing along to Michael Jackson hit Billie Jean while thanking Christian for the music, which suggested it was a gift for her.

Another living room shows off a stunning chandelier, as well as a marble fireplace.


The family love taking advantage of the huge grounds on offer at their farmhouse.

And why not when you've got an incredible duck pond so big you can go boating on it.

Horner and Geri can even take their dogs for a walk around the expansive gardens.

The pair have even been seen zooming around on a quad bike, as well as picking raspberries in the garden with Montague.

Of course, no farm would be complete without animals either.

And Christian and Geri boast three miniature donkeys that are housed in the stables, as well as some goats.

The singer often shares videos online when it's feeding time.

Clearly, you can forget the fancy racing circuit of heading to places like Dubai or Monte Carlo. A farmhouse is where it's at.

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