Hugh Freeze Switches From Hospital Bed To Medical Chair, But Liberty Loses Again

Hugh Freeze, who is still recovering from a staph infection, should definitely be in bed munching on ice pellets, but he won’t stop jeopardizing his health for Liberty football, dammit. The dude coached from a hospital bed in the Flames’ first game of the season, a shutout loss to Syracuse, but for Saturday’s road game against the Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns, he switched to a more upright position.

Because it is literally the only interesting aspect of Liberty football, there had been talk throughout the week about whether Freeze would make the trip to Louisiana, and if he’d be on the field. Fortunately, Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger had the scoop: Coach would stay in the booth, but use a special chair.

A Liberty spokesperson emphasized to Yahoo Sports’s Pat Forde that it was not a dental chair, but a “medical chair” that allowed the coach to be elevated. The Ragin’ Cajuns’ press box, which was built in 1971, would’ve made it tough to set up a hospital bed. Here is another photo of the chair:

Although the Flames weren’t shut out this time, they still lost, 35-14. Sadly, I couldn’t find any images of Freeze as he coached from the chair—only this photo of him on the plane to Louisiana.

If you have a photo of the coach actually sitting in his throne, please send it to so that we may update Hugh Freeze Chair Watch accordingly.

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