How Floyd Mayweather secretly tipped waitress $10,000 to undergo procedure to help her exercise

FLOYD MAYWEATHER is well-known to enjoy the lavish lifestyle – but he is not shy of sharing his wealth.

The boxing legend is set for a sporting comeback in 2021 over three years since his final victory over Conor McGregor cemented his legacy at 50-0.

Mayweather, 43, has amassed a huge fortune during his iconic career and is allegedly worth £510m.

But a story has now emerged showing the usual trash-talking fighter’s much kinder side after he secretly tipped a waitress $10,000 to undergo a procedure to help her exercise a decade ago.

John Shahidi runs his own company which manages YouTube stars, and it was him how shared the tale on the Impaulsive podcast after meeting Mayweather in LA.

After discussing how they can work together over a bite to eat, the former five-weight world champion asked the waitress what she would do if she had all the money in the world to improve her life. 

She declared she would get rid of her credit card but also undergo a procedure to enable her to exercise better.

Shahidi says Mayweather asked how much it would cost, to which she said between six and seven grand, leading to ‘Money’ placing a $10k tip at the bottom of the bill.

The YouTube expert claims he told Mayweather to contact the media over his gesture.

He also explained that the world should know that Mayweather often does this sort of thing.

But the undefeated icon replied: “No! You are not to ever do that.

“No-one can ever know that I ever do that. That’s for me, you and her to know.”

It is still unclear whether Mayweather will be stepping into the boxing ring or the mixed martial arts octagon.

He would be on the same show as new MMA event MEGA 2021 at the Tokyo Dome.

talkSPORT boxing editor Michael Benson tweeted: “Floyd Mayweather will return to the ring for a fight at Tokyo Dome on Feb 28th.

“Details scarce, but Floyd called into a presser to announce he would compete on same show as new MMA event 'MEGA 2021'.”

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