Hot Bods

Text and pictures by Jasmine Choong

Jeff Huang, 27

Fitness manager

Height: 1.85m

Weight: 80kg

Exercise regimen: I am a traditional weights person. I split my training into body parts and work them hard, four to five times a week. I include steady-state cardio and also running as I participate in many obstacle races, such as Spartan Race and Tough Mudder. You need to be strong and fit in all aspects to complete them.

Diet: I do not like fried or oily food and will eat them only occasionally. I go for a balanced meal with meat, vegetables and pasta. Ice cream waffles are my go-to whenever I want to celebrate or need a mood-booster.

Elise Teo, 32

Freelance fitness trainer and yoga instructor

Height: 1.51m

Weight: 44kg

Exercise regimen: I plan my training around my schedule, so there is no fixed day for any type of training. Each week, I usually fit in four sessions of weight training, targeting different muscle groups, three high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions and daily yoga for a balanced regimen. When I have no time for the gym, I will go for 5km runs around the neighbourhood or do body-weight HIIT at home.

Diet: I’ve been on a pescatarian diet (vegetarian diet that allows for seafood consumption) since I was 18. I try to make my own meals, ensuring there are enough greens every day. I’ve also been on intermittent fasting the last three years. I love my carbs and don’t shy away from chocolates and cakes, but eat them in moderation. I believe in sustainable eating habits that keep me happy.

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