Fury vs Wallin scorecards show Gypsy King won by just FOUR rounds according to one judge – The Sun

TYSON FURY beat Otto Wallin by just FOUR rounds according to one judge.

The Gypsy King’s fight against the unknown Swede was supposed to be a walk in the park. Instead, it turned into a blood bath.

Fury suffered a serious two-inch cut at the end of the third round which totally skewed the Las Vegas contest.

The lineal champion managed to last the 12 rounds, despite hardly being able to see, and won by a unanimous decision.

But Don Trella saw the gritty contest as pretty tight, scoring it 116-112 in favour of Fury.

The judge gave rounds three, five, six and 12 to the unfancied European.

The other judges gave the contest more convincingly to the Gypsy King, scoring it 117-111 and 118-110.

Fury’s dad John was furious after the brutal bout, demanding that his son sack trainer Ben Davison after the worrying contest.


He reckoned Tyson was “weak as a kitten” and “never landed a meaningful punch”.

John said: “I don't know how he has taken the cut in the third and made it to the 12th.

“It has gone terribly wrong in the camp and someone is to blame. Tyson never landed a meaningful punch.

“If Tyson had been in front of one of the top-three or Alexander Povetkin, he would not have won.

“I am a straight talker and that is the worst I have ever seen him.

“I have half an idea what went wrong but I cannot share it. He has done an eight-week camp but his strength and power have gone.

“He was as weak as a kitten. His body looked a lot softer tonight. He is not an 18st fighter, he wants to be body beautiful.

“I have seen this coming. I saw this coming.

“If he keeps hold of that team, that whole team, they will cost him his career. Ben Davidson and everyone.

“The cutman is the only one who can take any credit. it was like a shark's mouth.

“If this was not his show, if he was the away fight, he would have been gone.”

Fury was rushed to hospital from the T-Mobile Arena to receive urgent medical attention to the gash over his eye.

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