Fortnite Champion Series: Schedule, prize pool, rules and more to know about Trios event

The Fortnite Champion Series begins on August 17, and Epic Games has finally released details about the Trios event.

The competitive Trios event will be played each weekend for five weeks leading to the Season Finals, which start on September 20. Prize money will be rewarded throughout, totaling in $10 million worth of prizes across all regions. A full breakdown can be viewed below.

Anyone who watched the World Cup qualifications will have a basic understanding of how this tournament works. Competitors get a similar three-hour window to compete in up to 10 games, although as we saw during the World Cup, not everyone is able to play in all 10 games if you’re going for placement.

By the end of the event, 32 teams will be competing in their respective region’s Grand Finals.

Fortnite Champion Series schedule

Champion Series – Weekly

Champion Series: Season Finals

The schedule is the same for all regions. Epic Games says to check the game for actual times as times vary for region. For Heat 3 and Heat 4 Group Stage, only Europe, North America East, North America West and Brazil will be competing.

The schedule is also subject to change. We saw this happen during the World Cup qualifications as Week 10 was delayed due to its conflict with the Summer Skirmish.

Fortnite Champion Series rules

As we mentioned before, the rules are very similar to the Fortnite World Cup qualifications. Competitors will have a three hour window in their respective region to play in a maximum of 10 games to get as many points as possible. You need to be in the Champion League (at least 6,500 Hype points from Arena Mode games) in order to compete.

There are three total rounds each week with the first two rounds taking place in the same day (Saturday for North American competitors).

In order to advance from Round 1 to Round 2 you must place in the top 1,000 in NAE, NAW, Europe and BR or place in the top 500 in Asia, OCE and Middle East.

In order to advance from Round 2 to Round 3 you must place in the top 150 across all regions.

The top eight teams from NAE, NAW, Europe and BR qualify after Round 3. The top four teams from Asia, OCE and Middle East qualify after Round 3.

For a more detailed explanation into the the event format you can read Epic Games’ release.

Scoring System

Fortnite Champion Series Prize Pool

(Epic Games)

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Above are the Weekly Event Prizes. These will be rewarded to the top competitors in each region following each of the five weeks of competition. Reminder that these prizes will be split between the teams of Trios.

As for the Season Finals, the prizes jump much higher.


NA East

NA West




Middle East

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