Floyd Mayweather forgets which Paul brother he fought and says only training he did for $100m exhibition was 'sit-ups'

FLOYD MAYWEATHER appeared to forget which Paul brother he fought back in June and claimed the only training he did for the exhibition was 'sit-ups'.

The boxing legend made a return to the ring earlier this year for an extraordinary spectacle bout against YouTuber Logan Paul, the older brother to Jake.

Mayweather boasted of making $100million for the eight-rounder and claimed to have done little training for it as he named the wrong Paul brother.

He told reporters: ‘‘If I wanna go pick up some backpack money. If I want to go pick up $10million, $20million, $30 million, 100, I can go to exhibition.

"It’s not even on my record. You know a lot of people talking about ‘Oh, that Jake Paul’.

“Man, listen, it wasn’t a real fight. All I was doing, just every once in a while go to the gym, sit-ups, hit the heavy bag then go.”

Despite Mayweather's latest claims, the 44-year-old shared training pictures in the build up to the exhibition and revealed he had been sparring.

The American great officially retired in 2017 after beating ex-UFC champion Conor McGregor, 33, in ten rounds.

But he returned a year later for an exhibition with featherweight kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa, 23, which he won in a round.

His bout with Paul, 26, was his most bizarre fight of all due to their TWO STONE weight difference and massive skill disparity.

But Mayweather was taken the full distance and without winning by knockout, the fight ended without a winner.

Paul had only boxed twice beforehand, both against online rival KSI.

The first ended in a draw in 2018 before they turned professional a year later with KSI, 28, winning by scrappy split-decision.

But Paul, a former high school wrestler, vastly improved and scored a massive moral victory by taking Mayweather the distance.

Mayweather said: "After the fight I said I give him more credit, I take my hat off to him.

"Because, I said with his background in wrestling – this is what I meant – his background in wrestling was unbelievable.

"Because the whole night all he did was wrestle me, so they said he's a top level wrestler, and I said, I can tell."

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