Deontay Wilder wants to put on two stone ahead of proposed Tyson Fury rematch

Wilder, 33, scaled in at 212.5lbs pounds against Fury, as he was outweighed by 44 pounds by the Gypsy King, who came in at 256.5lbs.

The Bronze Bomber held onto his WBC heavyweight world title after a controversial split decision looked to have robbed Fury, 30, of another famous win on away soil.

Wilder did floor Fury on two occasions, but the American world champion told reporters that he will aim to move up to 245lbs, two stone heavier than he weighed in against Fury.

He said: “We gonna adjust the weight.

“We gonna do a lot of things. Especially with the weight. Because these guys have out-weighed me the majority of my career.

“I never worried about weight because I have the power to substitute for it. I have devastating power that these guys don’t have.

“So I never worried about weight, because I felt like weight is just an image.

“At the end of the day, how many times, over and over again, have guys out-weighed me and they were left on their back?

“None of them could put me on my back, being so [light] of a fighter.

"That’ll just tell you everything. These guys can’t put me on the ground, but I can put them on the ground, and I know that.

“My goal was always to be 245, that’s what my goal has always been. But somebody’s gonna get hurt.

“If weight brings big-man power, and I already had the power and the speed, somebody gonna get hurt.

"So if people wanna see me put on weight and someone get hurt, then so be it.”

Wilder has never weighed in over 229lbs, as he scailed in at that weight for his stoppage wins against Damon McCreary in September 2012 and Eric Molina in June 2015.

The Bronze Bomber revealed it was his team, including co-mananger Shelly Finkel, that requested Wilder increase his weight.

Wilder added: “My team want me to do it, and we work as a team. So me and Shelly talked about this and of course I’m gonna do what I wanna do.

“We work as a team and we’ve been working for this long and if it’s adjustments to be made, I’m willing to do that, just to see.”

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