Cricket in Mumbai: Sachin Tendulkar or Sunil Gavaskar? Nasser Hussain searches for India’s cricket soul

Does the true soul of cricket abide in Mumbai? Nasser Hussain set out to answer that question a few years ago.

In our three-part series, the ex-England captain headed to Mumbai, visiting the Maidans and some of the city’s notable cricketing figures, including Ravi Shastri, who insisted the game is in the “blood” of all Mumbai people.

  • Cricket in Mumbai: Episode One

With almost a third of India’s international runs having been scored by batsmen from Mumbai, Nasser finds out what sets players from that part of the county apart from their peers in episode two of our series.

Sunil Gavaskar explains how the “minimum” requirement for Mumbai batsmen is a century, with current India Ravi Shastri saying that tricky conditions on the Maidans breed tight and compact players.

Nasser learns more about Vijay Merchant, who set the model for Mumbai batsmen, and tries to work out why Vinod Kambli played only 17 Tests.

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