Boxing fans express concern for Oscar De La Hoya after 'train wreck' interview on Jake Paul vs Ben Askren card

BOXING fans expressed their concerns for legend Oscar De La Hoya following his appearance on the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren broadcast.

The Golden Boy joined the Triller broadcast team early this morning ahead of Frank Mir's clash with Steve Cunningham.

And moments into his interview, it became apparent the Olympian wasn't completely sound of mind.

De La Hoya slurred his words at times and repeated himself on several occasions.

And viewers of the broadcast were quick to share their worries for the six-weight boxing world champion, who has previously admitted to abusing substances in the past.

One said: "Oscar De La Hoya looks like he's been partying before and during this entire show."

Another boxing said: "This is a train wreck with Oscar De La Hoya."

And another said: "They need to get Oscar De La Hoya off the mic."


One remarked: "What in God’s name happened to the classy Oscar De La Hoya? Sounds drunk af."

De La Hoya, 48, is gearing up for a return to the ring in the summer – nearly 13 years after hanging up his gloves.

When asked about his July 3 comeback, De La Hoya said: "You can expect a f***ing real fight. A real fight.

"Whoever I pick to be my opponent. You bet your ass that I'm gonna be the best motherf****r out there.

"I always fought the very best, and I'm proud of that. And whoever it is, I've been retired for 14 years.

"But guess what I'm pick the very best."

He added: "I don't care who it is.

"I will fight until the end, I will bleed until the end. And I will go down to the end."

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