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MANCHESTER United winger Antony will not return to train with the club after domestic violence allegations by ex his Gabriela Cavallin.

He is currently being investigated by police in both Manchester and Sao Paolo – and was axed from the national team for their World Cup qualifiers this month.

United’s players who were not involved in the internationals were due to return to Carrington on Monday – but Antony has been granted an indefinite leave of absence.

Antony strongly denies all allegations against him.

In a statement, Antony said: “I have agreed with Manchester United to take a period of absence while I address the allegations made against me. This was a mutual decision to avoid distraction to my teammates and unnecessary controversy for the club. I want to reiterate my innocence of the things I have been accused of, and I will fully cooperate with the police to help them reach the truth. I look forward to returning to play as soon as possible.”

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  • By Jimmy Grant

    Man Utd star Antony accused by two more women of physical violence

    Law student Rayssa de Freitas and banker Ingrid Lana have also accused the World Cup ace of physical attacks, Brazilian outlets Jornal Extra and Record report.

    A police report from May 2022 by Rayssa, which has been made public, describes alleged violent behaviour from the Man United player and internet personality Mallu Ohana.

    Ingrid Lana is the third alleged victim to come forward against the Premier League ace.

    The 33-year-old banker has accused Antony of physical violence in an interview with Record, set to be aired today.

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    Brazil axed Antony from squad amid assault allegations by his ex-girlfriend

    Antony was dropped from the Brazilian national football team's squad due to allegations of abuse made by his ex Gabriela Cavallin.

    In a statement, the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) informed that the cut occurred "due to the facts that became public this Monday and that need to be investigated, and in order to preserve the alleged victim."

    It followed police in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo launching inquiries three months ago.

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    United's statement in full

    Manchester United broke their silence on Antony after the star winger was accused of domestic violence by ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin.

    The Premier League club finally released a statement on Wednesday after days without giving any comment on the matter.

    It read: "Manchester United acknowledges the allegations made against Antony and notes that the Police are conducting enquiries.

    "Pending further information, the club will be making no further comments.

    "As a club, we are taking this matter seriously, with consideration of the impact of these allegations and subsequent reporting will have on survivors of abuse."

  • By Jimmy Grant

    Man Utd 'taking this matter seriously'

    Manchester United broke its silence on Wednesday with a statement saying it was "taking this matter seriously".

    The club has come under growing pressure following its bungled U-turn over reinstating Mason Greenwood to the squad.

    It had not publicly acknowledged the allegations facing Antony prior to Wednesday, who was axed from Brazil's national squad ahead of this month's two World Cup qualifiers.

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    Gabriela Cavallin reveals horror texts

    Gabriela Cavallin shared pictures of horror texts allegedly from her ex-boyfriend Antony after accusing him of a series of violent assaults.

    A first screenshot dated January 15 allegedly shows Antony reportedly asking to end the relationship, followed by Gabriela's reply saying he allegedly "completely injured" her.

    "But you completely injured me and said those things, broke my stuff," Gabriela wrote.

    "Nobody can change or do anything after what happened but it seems like you don't even care."

    The texts go on to show Antony's alleged reply, reading: "There's also stuff that really hurt me, you know?

    "Because I want you to stay close so we can start over and carry on with the good things we have together

    "I also told you nice things in person and I apologised for everything.

    "I'm regretful since my first mistake with you."

  • By Jimmy Grant

    Antony’s ex Gabriela Cavallin shares pic of bloodstained clothes

    Antony's ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin shared pictures of her clothing covered in blood.

    Gabriela claims her bloodstained clothes were a result of Antony's alleged aggression

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    Is Gabriela Cavallin on social media?

    Yes, Gabriela is on social media.

    She is an online influencer and her content focusses on travel, nightlife and her modelling.

    Cavallin has nearly 500,000 followers on Instagram.

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    Does Gabriela Cavallin have any children?

    In July 2023, Gabriela shared on social media that she had suffered a miscarriage.

    The baby boy would have have been named Luca Mateo.

    It is unclear whether she has had any children previously.

  • By Jimmy Grant

    What claims of abuse has Gabriela Cavallin made against Antony?

    On July 5, 2023 Gabriela filed a police report in São Paulo accusing Antony of domestic violence.

    Gabriela claims the first assault came at a nightclub in the Brazilian city when she was around 17 weeks pregnant with his baby.

    She made new claims of abuse just days after Mason Greenwood was axed by Man Utd following his arrest for assault and controlling and abusive behaviour towards his ex Harriet Robson, although the charges were dropped.

    On September 4, 2023, the influencer published a letter issued by her legal team.

    It read: "Gabriela Cavallin's defence, in view of the facts and evidence that became public knowledge on this date, regarding the repeated episodes of aggression suffered by her, informs that she trusts the serious and competent investigation by the Civil Police of São Paulo.

    "[And] hopes that, as such, once completed, the aggressor will be prosecuted and punished for the crimes he committed."

    A statement from Antony was also published in the same evening, where he said he felt "obliged" to break his silence "out of respect for my fans, friends and family".

    The 23-year-old footballer once again denied the accusations of domestic violence after a first statement published in June.

    He wrote: "Out of respect for my fans, friends and family, I feel obliged to speak out publicly about the false accusations that I have been a victim of.

    "From the beginning, I have treated this matter with seriousness and respect, providing the necessary clarifications to the police.

    "The investigation is under judicial secrecy, and therefore I cannot make its contents public.

    "However, I can calmly say that the accusations are false, and that the current evidence and the ones yet to be produced demonstrate my innocence."

    The Manchester United star described it as a "tumultuous relationship" after the accusations of abuse surfaced.

  • By Jimmy Grant

    When did Gabriela Cavallin date Antony?

    Cavallin and Antony were in an on-and-off relationship for around two years between 2021 and 2023.

    The couple started dating while Antony was playing for Ajax and lived with him in Amsterdam.

  • By Jimmy Grant

    Who is Gabriela Cavallin?

    Gabriela Cavallin was born on October 31, 2000.

    She is a DJ, model, and social media influencer.

    As a DJ she has worked with Brailian artists including MC Brisola, MC Topre and MC Hariel.

    Gabriela is the ex-girlfriend of Manchester United and Brazil player Antony Matheus dos Santos.

    The couple's romance was first made public in 2022.

    Gabriela has initiated legal proceedings in Brazil and the UK against the footballer.

  • By Jimmy Grant

    Man Utd must drop ‘abuser’ Antony just like Mason Greenwood, says star’s ex Gabriela Cavallin

    The woman at the centre of the new Manchester United abuse allegations says accused star Antony should be axed.

    Model Gabriela Cavallin, the ex-girlfriend of the £85million winger, urged Old Trafford bosses to ban him from playing while police investigate claims he assaulted her.

    Her revelations come after Brazilian Antony, 23, gave a tearful TV interview in his home country on Friday denying the claims and vowing to clear his name.

    Gabriela told The Sun on Sunday: “Antony needs to be taken off the pitch. It’s disappointing he’s still allowed to play while there’s an investigation.

    “I am absolutely destroyed by the whole process. How can life go on as normal for him? They can’t just know what they know now and not do anything. He needs to be removed.”

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