All The Writers You See In Deadspin Videos Are Actually Me In A Green Screen Suit

You are all living a lie. None of these stupid videos are real. David Roth’s plaid shirts? Not real. Barry Petchesky’s gag reflex while eating 50 eggs? Not real. Dan McQuade and Dom Cosentino talking about football under studio lights every week? I start to question how real that is as soon as I finish the sentence.

The time to peel back the curtain came at the Deadspin Awards last week. I am the green-suited base over which your Deadspin video reality has been rendered. The video above explains it all. And if you thought all of our previous videos looked real, I encourage you to go back and comment on them as loyal Deadspin reader Cameron Cosentino has.

Senior Producer: Kiran Chitanvis | Creative Producers: Jorge Corona, Anders Kapur | Additional Camera: CJ Dominguez  

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