Zoo Babies: Siberian tiger cub is the most adorable new addition to Six Flags family

Welcome to AOL Lifestyle’s Zoo Babies, which profiles the newest and most adorable additions to zoos across America. From a baby sloth named Wookiee to a rambunctious baby tiger named Carli, these zoo babies will fulfill your daily dose of cuteness.  

When New Jersey’s Six Flags Great Adventure welcomed a rare Siberian tiger cub two months ago, there was only one name they could go with: Carli, after USWNT star and fellow New Jerseyan Carli Llyod. 

“Carli, much like her namesake, is very fierce,” explained veterinarian Dr. Ken Keiffer. Like all cats at birth, she was born blind, only seeing for the first time a week after birth.

The zoo has been tracking Carli’s growth and progress since she was born and was forced to step in to bottlefeed the cub after her mom refused to nurse her. In just eight weeks, she’s gained around 13 pounds, which is just a fraction of what she’ll weight at adulthood’s 500 pounds. 

“When we intervene, we become mom,” said Dr. Keiffer. 

See more of the zoo’s rambunctious addition in the video above! 

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