Zayn Malik Drops Deeply Romantic New Single ‘There You Are’ — Written For Gigi Hadid?

Zayn Malik’s new song is SO sweet! After hearing the lyrics, fans are convinced that he penned the track for Gigi Hadid. Listen for yourself here!

Zayn Malik, 25, knows a thing or two about penning a love song! His latest track, “There You Are,” is a super romanic ballad about a love that stands the test of time. Given that his relationship with superstar model Gigi Hadid, 23, has endured some trials and tribulations, fans seem to think the lyrics are all about their romance! “Only you know me the way you know me//Only you forgive me when I’m sorry//Even when I mess it up//There you are,” the former 1D member sings in one verse. “Need you when I’m hot//When I’m cold//Need you when I’m young//When I’m old,” another set of lyrics reads.

After listening to Zayn’s new single, fans took to Twitter with the reactions. Some were 100% convinced the song was penned for Gigi! “There you are was written to Gigi Hadid and nothing can change my opinion,” one fan wrote. “Awwwww zayn wrote a song about gigi lagu ni sumpah sedihhh ayye zayn,” another tweeted. Some couldn’t get over how emotional the track was! “Zayn’s new song is so full of emotions,” another person posted.

True love is a two way street, and HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY learned just how supportive Gigi has been about Zayn’s new music. After his last single, “Good Years,” sparked some drama, a source close to Gigi told HL how she’s helped him through it. “Privately, she has Zayn’s back all the way. She loves his new song and thinks he has been better, happier and more creative on his own than when he was with One D,” our source said. “She is very supportive of him, even when she’s not right by his side because of her busy work schedule she is on the phone and texting encouraging messages to him all the time, she’s very devoted. And when she isn’t working she’s all about spending time with Zayn, he’s a huge priority in her life.”

Listen to Zayn’s new track “There You Are” above and decide for yourself: Was this written all about his lady Gigi? After seeing these loving lyrics, our bet is yes!

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