You’ve probably never heard about this flu symptom

You know signs of the flu include fever, aches and fatigue. But what about hives? (Photo: Wavebreakmedia, Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Most parents are familiar with the signs that their child has the flu.

Most often, the sick person has a fever. Aches, chills, fatigue. Maybe a sore throat or cough.

But did you know flu is sneaky and can show up as hives, too?

Brodi Willard, a mom and registered nurse in Nebraska, found that out in January when her son developed an itchy skin rash. She tried at-home remedies but couldn’t get the hives to stop spreading. She took her son into the pediatrician’s office where he tested positive for influenza. 

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She was shocked because her son didn’t have any of the usual symptoms. No fever, cough or runny nose, she said in a now-viral post:

Hives are not a common sign of the flu – they’re not listed among the normal symptoms on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s flu website.

But, the flu is fickle. For example, not everyone who gets it will develop a fever.

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