You’re storing potatoes wrong – simple trick prevents them from rotting

Everyone loves a good potato.

Whether boiled, fried, mashed or made into chips – they're always handy to have to whip up a quick and easy supper.

But have you ever thought about how you store the popular food?

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The ways in which you store your food has a big impact on how long it lasts.

One expert said using simple methods to store potatoes will help to keep them much fresher for longer.

Founder of The Full Freezer, Kate Hall, claimed there was once worries over whether people should keep potatoes in the fridge.

Now it's become clear that doing it could in fact improve the shelf life of your tatties.

She told GBNews: "Previously it was said we shouldn’t keep potatoes in the fridge as there were concerns that this could lead to extra sugars in the potatoes, which then turn to acrylamide when cooked.

"This is a substance that has been linked with the risk of developing cancer.

"But a study by the Committee on the Toxicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (COT) proved that these concerns were unfounded, and so the fridge is the best place to keep your spuds."

But, before you pop them away, it's vital to check they're free from moisture.

This is because it causes them to go off more quickly so you shouldn't give them a scrub until you want to eat them.

Food safety expert, Sylvia Anderson, added: "Moisture can cause potatoes to rot, so it’s essential to keep them dry.

"Wipe off any dirt before storing them and avoid washing them until you’re ready to use them."

It was also noted it's important to keep potatoes away from other fresh goodies as this will help to maintain their shelf-life.

Specifically, it's advised you separate them from fruit and vegetables such as onions, apples and other ethylene-sensitive goods.

Generally fruit and vegetables should be stored in the fridge if you want to keep them fresh.

Many people put bananas into a fruit bowl, but professionals say – once they are ripe – it's best to move them into the fridge.

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