You’re not the only one constantly complaining about winter

If you’re of the opinion that winter is more of a wasteland than a wonderland, you are far from alone.

This winter season, the average American will experience seven icy slip and falls, likely lose an umbrella and get sneezed on six times, according to new research.

A new study of 2,000 Americans pinpointed the frequency with which we experience certain winter woes and found that the average American will grumble about the winter to themselves or others five times every day during the season.

That’s 450 total complaints until the weather and American spirits, will start to thaw.

The winter blues, it seems, are an American tradition, with 57 percent of Americans claiming they’ve experienced them multiple times. In fact, when asked how they usually feel in the winter, 39 percent of Americans said “bored” and 24 percent said “miserable.”

The new survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Trane Residential found that 59 percent of Americans will suffer from wet feet this winter, while 49 percent will be forced to change plans due to snow.

Apparently, winter is the cause of an endless stream of ailments for Americans.

Thirty-six percent said they’ve experienced the straight-out-of-a-movie scenario of having a bus splash water all over them as it drives by. In fact, the average American will accidentally step in two puddles, experience eight weather-related driving scares (approximately one every 11 days) and get sick twice this winter.

If you do happen to catch a cold, you might just want to stay home with consideration to your fellow peers, as 47 percent of Americans expressed they are regularly irritated by people coughing, sniffling and sneezing near them during the winter.

In addition to American psyches, the winter blues also hit the American wallet.

This winter, Americans expect to spend $100 buying new warm clothes, $62 buying supplemental vitamins and $70 buying alcohol. About $76 will be spent on new blankets and throws.

“Shockingly high” energy costs are another bank-breaker, which 45 percent of Americans claim they typically deal with during the season.

“Winter can be brutal in many parts of the country and while some things like wet socks and cold hands are inescapable, there are significant ways Americans can ’winterize‘ their lives ahead of time to save money and hassle. The most important winter prep starts inside the home and with your HVAC system. From calibrating your thermostat, cleaning dirty humidifier pads, or getting a fall checkup from a qualified HVAC technician– there are lots of little projects that’ll put the power to live comfortably back in people’s own hands” stated Mark Woodruff, Trane Product Manager

Given that one in five Americans spends between 16 and 24 hours indoors every day during the winter months, it’s no surprise that outdoor conditions aren’t the only cause for the winter blues.

A majority of Americans (58 percent) suffer from dry skin in the winter due to indoor air quality. Almost the same amount (57 percent) also deal with indoor stuffiness and lack of fresh air. This could explain why the average American experiences “cabin fever” twice a season.

On the flip side, 35 percent have accidentally locked themselves out of their home and gotten stuck in freezing temperatures.

One in four Americans surveyed said they own a low performing furnace that never really gets warm. So what’s the ideal indoor winter habitat? Well, Americans prefer an indoor temperature of 70 degrees during the chilly season.

“At the end of a long winter day, nothing is more frustrating than a broken heater. Luckily, unlike slipping on ice or breaking an umbrella, the performance of your furnace is something you can actually control. If your home isn’t reaching that perfect temperature, identify the cause of the problem. Many times it can be something as simple as a dirty air filter, or air vents that are closed or covered by a rug or a piece of furniture. In the case that you need a new furnace, don’t be afraid to ask for help sooner rather than later. Professional HVAC technicians, like the specialists at Trane, value your comfort just as much as you do!” added Mark Woodruff.

Of course, while 76 percent of Americans believe in the winter blues, one in five still say winter makes them feel content.

What are America’s most disliked parts of winter?

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