You Won't Believe What Ivanka Trump Thinks is the Hardest Job in the World

When Donald Trump officially took office in January 2017, he brought four of his five children with him. The youngest of the brood, Baron is still just a teen, but his older half-siblings have all been granted jobs at the White House. Ivanka Trump, in particular, has been the most visible of the Trump kids to take on a role in government. Busying herself with job placement and pay equity issues, you won’t believe what job the heiress thinks is the hardest in the world.

What job does Ivanka Trump think is the “hardest job” in the

According to The
, Ivanka Trump told a crowd of people that being
Donald Trump’s daughter is the hardest job in the world. The remarks,
intended as a joke, clearly fell flat with the crowd that gathered to listen to
the younger Trump oppose Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s proposed government program
that would offer job guarantees. The younger Trump famously opposed the deal
alleging that Americans don’t want a handout.

Trump did take the time to point out the irony of her
statement, suggesting that she does, in fact, have a sense of humor. She
pointed out that her role as Donald Trump’s daughter has opened doors for her,
but she notes it hasn’t been an easy road. Correspondents who oppose Donald
Trump’s presidency lambasted the young entrepreneur for her comments.

What does Ivanka actually do in the White House?

The poster child for nepotism, Ivanka now spends her days in
the White House, serving as a senior adviser to the President. According to Elite
, the entire concept of a senior adviser is foggy at best. Senior
advisers under past presidents tended to pick a topic and focus on them, such
as climate change. While Ivanka hit the campaign trail during her father’s bid
for the presidency and spoke about paid family leave and education, it looks as
though she doesn’t touch those issues on a daily basis.

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Ivanka, however, does appear on panels for STEM panels
regularly, which does have an educational bend to it, just not the type of work
most would assume a senior adviser would be doing. Trump, in her own words,
says she’s been working, behind the scenes, on job creation, economic
empowerment, and entrepreneurship initiatives.

What was Ivanka Trump’s job before she became a Senior

 Before landing in the
White House, Ivanka Trump kept herself busy working at Trump Organization.
According to her official
White House Profile, the 37-year-old mother of three worked on complex
transactions and acquisitions alongside her brothers, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric

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Trump also built out a lifestyle brand under the moniker
Ivanka Trump. Her clothing was sold in a number of stores, including
Nordstrom’s, Saks and Hudson’s Bay. The three stores no longer sell the first
daughter’s products, according to Newsweek.
Bloomingdales, on the other hand, continues to stock Trump’s clothing and
accessories line.

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