You Can Buy This Taco Bell Blanket To Wrap Yourself Up Like A Literal Human Burrito

For those of you who have ever ordered a burrito, held that warm little bub in the palm of your hand and thought, I wish that I too were as unfettered and happy as this pocket of beans and meat, I come bearing excellent tidings. You can abandon the human world and become a sentient burrito. And all of that is thanks to this Taco Bell Ultra Plush Burrito Wrap Blanket, which is an item you can purchase on the Taco Bell Shop online.

It is — unsurprisingly — sold out at the moment, but this one is worth bookmarking if only so you can at some point live the secret dream of every millennial, which is to wrap yourself up like a literal burrito and lay in front of your Netflix screen until Monday comes. It measures 50 x 60 inches, so although it might not be able to wrap your entire human form, odds are it will still be a Big Burrito Mood. Plus, with the words "Ultra Plush" in the title and "super-soft" in the description, you will probably be way too cozy to care.

Behold: a blanket that looks just like a Taco Bell wrapper, so that you and your burrito may truly become one.

Now the only remaining challenge is figuring out what kind of burrito you identify as; personally, I feel in my heart that I am a Beefy 5-Layer Burrito, but do wake up some mornings firmly feeling that I am a Cheesy Potato Griller. As all things in life, this truly is a choose-your-own-adventure kind of blanket, but at least there is the comfort in knowing that when it comes to burritos, there’s no wrong way to go.

In the meantime, if you’re still looking for that taco aesthetic, the Taco Bell Shop is full of other options at your disposal. In fact, you could basically revamp your entire wardrobe to become a walking Taco Bell, if you so choose. Arguably the cutest thing the Taco Bell has in its shop right now is the simplest: a blue hat with an embroidered Taco Bell hot sauce on the front. Simple, clean, to the point. You love Taco Bell and now everyone within a five-foot radius of you knows it without you ever having to say a word.

Fire Sauce Packet Unstructured Denim Hat


Taco Bell

For the less subtle Taco Bell stans out there, you can get this shirt that has pictures of all your favorite Taco Bell foods emblazoned on the front, presumably for the purposes of making everyone around you furiously hungry wherever you go.

Taco Bell Favorites Shirt


Taco Bell

The Taco Bell Shop also includes everything from mugs to notebooks to keychains to pajama sets, so there’s really no area in your life that you can’t Taco Bell-ify at the moment — more than enough things to recklessly purchase and tide yourself over until the blanket hits the online store again and you can fulfill your destiny as a burrito at least. Head to the Taco Bell Shop here to follow your bliss/live your mas.

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