Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe ‘worried over testicular cancer scan results’

The Yorkshire Ripper has had a cancer scan in jail , according to reports this evening.

Peter Sutcliffe, 72, is also reportedly complaining about a delay in getting his results back.

The serial killer had an ultrasound at HMP Frankland jail in County Durham after allegedly telling other inmates one of his testicles was five times its normal size.

He has also had treatment there for a bladder infection.

A source at the Category A prison, which also held Charles Bronson, told The Sun: “Sutcliffe was told he had to have the scan for testicular cancer.

“He was treated swiftly but now he’s moaning about it. He’s also really worried.”

It’s claimed Sutcliffe told a friend: “They have the machine here but they don’t tell you the results immediately, which is a bit worrying.

“They are useless. You end up having to chase them up.”

Neil Jackson, 60, whose mum Emily was Sutcliffe’s second victim in 1976 in Leeds, told The Sun : “I hope he has got cancer.

"They should not be testing him anyway, not without him paying for it.”

Sutcliffe got life for murdering 13 women.

The Ministry of Justice declined to comment.

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